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It began in 2013 with a trip to the craft store, strong determination, and many failures. All I wanted was to make a candle, any candle. Little did I know, I chose the most challenging medium to work with when it came to candlemaking - beeswax. I was enamored with its beautiful color, natural fragrance, and the fact that it was an eco-friendly, non-toxic option for my home.


I had no idea how much skill, research, and patience would be required for me to make a beeswax candle successfully. However, from that first candle, I was committed to finding out how to make the highest-quality, best-burning beeswax candle possible. And I did. Now, I am dedicated to offering premium beeswax candles to my customers, with a focus on quality and craftsmanship you won't find in other brands.


Beeswax has been at the center of what I do from the early days of melting wax on my kitchen stove. It didn't take long for my husband and me to reconnect with our beekeeping roots once I began making beeswax candles. Our family has been beekeeping for over 50 years, and we wanted to keep the tradition alive. So alongside Allie Bee Candle Co, we began our apiary called American Apiaries, LLC.


I hope that we can continue the tradition of beekeeping, expand on our love for candlemaking, and embrace other artisans in our journey. I sincerely look forward to having you join me on the way!

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Alexandra Collier

Owner & Candlemaker

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