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Our Materials

Learn more about the materials we use to create our pure beeswax candles. We only use the finest products to deliver you the best candles.


Our beeswax is sourced from various reputable beekeepers and is always a product of the United States. Our primary source of beeswax is from our family's apiary that has been in operation for over 50 years! Since beeswax is a naturally occurring wax, it may vary in color and its natural aroma. It is common for beeswax to range in color from rich brown to bright, pale yellow. The scent generally smells like sweet honey and pollen but may also smell like flowers or earthy, depending on what the bees were pollinating. All beeswax is filtered before being poured into molds to create candles; however, occasionally, you may spot tiny specks here and there. These are not harmful and will not affect the quality of your candle.


We use eco-friendly packing supplies whenever possible. The majority of our materials are post-consumer recycled and are ready to be recycled again. We avoid the use of plastics or other hazardous materials.


All of the wicking used in our candles is 100% cotton and free of metals such as zinc or lead cores. Wicks vary in size depending on the candle style and are tested vigorously to ensure the best quality burn. Tea light and votive candles will have a metal sustainer on the bottom holding the wick in place for safety, and you may recycle the small metal tab. They are custom-made and primed in pure beeswax.

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